Success Stories
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Procedure : Stem cell
Thank you Dr. Liu for doing good surgery for my grandmother and save her life. Also I wish
you all the best in you future life and save many many people's life ... and make a healthy
world ...

"I had a much better consultation and examination with the plastic surgeon in Shanghai.
Not only was the staff thoroughly professional, but they also treated me with the loving
care one might expect from family. My special compliments to the therapists. He
recommended I have liposuction instead of the tummy tuck. He genuinely cared, always
made me feel good, answered all my questions, and I liked his office staff. " Susan says her
plastic surgery reminded her of what her body could look like and gave her motivation to
diet and exercise. Her liposuction removed inches and her breast lift improved her self
esteem. "I had my procedures about a year ago, and I am very pleased. I knew I had to
change my lifestyle habits and that plastic surgery alone wasn't enough. In the last four
months I have lost 30 pounds and again exercise two to three times a week."

Procedure : Hip Replacement
His / Her Experience : Excellent
I feel I was blessed in being allowed to make this trip. It will be an experience I will never
forget. All the personnels speak good English and if there was ever a time when I had a
small problem there was always
someone there to help. As far as feeling homesick I felt
that I had met many new friends. We traded many stories between us . My husband came
with me and we had a very large room and he had his own bed, TV, ice box, and a
computer to our use to be able to keep in contact with our family. Dr. Chen was very
explanatory of my surgery and the problems with my knee and of the work and repairs
that he made. We received a DVD of my hip surgery and of my heart test. After almost a
year of pain and discomfort I am finally close to being my old self.

Brette Mirroson
Procedure : Cancer
The patient's recovery is mostly based upon the power of mind. Being the hospitable
environment, Shanghai staffs, the patients are hardly reluctant to feel the power of
recuperation. My appreciation for such health care benefits will forever stay with me.

Procedure: Heart Bypass
I was well looked after. When I called for aid I was attended to. I was respected and felt
comfortable with all the staff. I would like to thank Dr. Liu and Nurses in Shanghai East
Hospital, for all their kindness and understanding towards me. This hospital is top stars and
I have no suggestions to improve on. Keep up the good work!