Dr. Huo: I am so happy after I listen your seminar. I was just like that ship without compass
and had no way of knowing how near the harbor was. You are the light shine on me in
that very moment. I couldn't sleep for two nights (I don't know tonight). I will go to attend
your seminar to learn more from you as many as I can. You are the one of the I.V.P If I am
successful in the future. Take your seminar equal to study 10 years.
I was a participant at one of Dr. Zhong’s seminars. It was a wonderful seminar and I
learned a lot from her. She is very knowledgeable in TCM and has a great bedside
I am an acupuncturist from Milwaukee and this past weekend I attended a seminar by
Dr. Huo. He is an excellent teacher and very innovative in his approach. I would highly
recommend his classes to any practioner.
Thank you Dr Huo. Big Island Hawaii enjoyed your acupuncture and herb seminar.  I
am still using your herbs.