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Christine H., Lic. Ac.
What can I say the truth from my heart, I really enjoyed this China trip for TCM training with the legend Dr. Huo and Yanqun.  With
his openness and easy-going style teaching, Dr. Huo really gave us valuable lessons not just for Qi Gong and TCM, but the way to live
a joyful and happy life and the passion for his students and practice.  And Yanqun, the wonderful trip leader, she took good care of us
down to the details, everything from lessons to foods to sightseeing.  With her sweet face and beautiful smiling, she made my China
trip wonderful.  Our whole group of people with energy, joy and love, they made me feel like among good old friends.  I look forward
to another trip to China with you.
•  Onboard daily Qi Gong practicing with Master Li,
Junfeng, while cruising along the breathtaking
waterways of Yangtze River

•  Intensive specialty clinical training of acupuncture
and lectures by Dr. Shi Xue-Min and other famous
Chinese doctors from one the top teaching hospitals in
China - The First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin
University of TCM where 20,000 outpatients visit and
4,000 of which go for acupuncture daily (options 1)

• Exclusive medical Qi Gong training with Master Li,
Junfeng in Wudang Mountain (option 2)

•  Experience a picturesque collection of age old history
and culture in the Yangtze River, the magnificent
scenery of Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain),  
the heart, soul and spirit of Beijing, China and the
dynamic metropolitan cities of Shanghai and Tianjin
while learning  TCM skills that are only available in
Acupuncture China Training
with Grand Masters 2014
Episode III
Lynda N., Lic. Ac.
The acupuncture training with Dr. Huo on the Yangtze River Cruise
was beyond my expectation.  We focused on advanced scalp
acupuncture techniques for Parkinson’s Disease and hard to treat,
supposedly incurable illnesses.  Dr. Huo is a Qi Gong Master and
acupuncture expert and I was so inspired to continue a discipline
practice and integrate this into my private practice and education of
my clients.  He knows Chinese Medicine in every cell of his being.  I
have had many opportunities to be trained with many doctors over the
past 9 years. None had simplified these techniques & taught and
shared these expertises in such a powerful, meaningful way.  This
training will transform the way I practice medicine.  Dr. Huo shared
both his tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise, but also his
joyfulness and encouragement which is contagious.  

Leaving the cruise to travel to the First Teaching Hospital at Tianjin
was an exhausting but fun day with a brief tour of Shanghai.  
Everything went without any difficulties in spite of the size of our
group and special needs of some individuals.  I attribute this success
to Dr. Yanqun Zhong who really made this trip possible.  Friendly,
sociable, bright and talented - she was the calming presence that did all
the organizing behind the scene.  I thank her from the bottom of my
heart.  It was Yanqun who made this all happen without a glitch.

The brief three days of advanced training at the hospital was intense
and life-changing.  I believe every American practitioner should be
required to study in China.  I understood Chinese Medicine in a deeper
way and would love to return to study again for a longer duration.
Patricia F., Lic. Ac.
Dear Yanqun, I miss being in China with
you and Dr. Huo.  You made the trip very
memorable and we all learned so much.  I
would definitely go back to China with you
and Dr. Huo.  Keep me informed of any
future trips.  Thank you both for making
such a fabulous tour. We loved it!!!

Alice W., Lic. Ac
The trip was a fascinating, life-changing
experience.  Dr. Huo’s Qigong was great
and I have already seen positive changes
from the short time that I have been
Kevin F., MD
Dr. Huo’s seminar was excellent and truly amazing.  
The tour was very rewarding experience and I was so
please to attend and be a part of it.
Janet L., Lawyer
I previously learned Qi Gong from
another Doctor.  I did not experience
any noticeable effects and I spent a lot
more time practicing.  Now with only a
few minutes of practice of Dr. Huo’s Qi
Gong per day, I sleep much better than I
used to.

We offer quality TCM China training programs all year around.  Affiliating with some of the
most famous TCM teaching hospitals in China, we are able to provide customized clinical
training programs from individual learning to group tour, from general practice to specialty
training.  We commit to make difference.  Our goal is making the training programs
effective, efficient and enjoyable.  By learning in the top teaching hospitals in China, not only
our participants can learn the skills which are only available in China, but also experience
thousands of years of culture and history of China.  It is a life changing experience.
•  An all inclusive package consisting of 3 nights/4 days (or 6 nights/7 days) Yangtze river cruise, lodge at five
star hotels, meals, professional guides, sightseeing (including sightseeing in Beijing for 3 days) and in-land

•  NCCAOM CEUs available

•  A great package for both families and singles
Go on a life changing adventure and become an expert in TCM....


      As a head coach of the Beijing Wushu Team, Li Junfeng’s team won the national championship in the group category
for 12 consecutive years  and his students won the most gold medals at the National Wuhsu Competition, setting the
record for the most number of gold medals won by a coach’s students. He was the coach of young Jet Li.  He featured in a
few Chinese martial arts movies and was once selected for the leading role and was awarded as a Chinese National Award
for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role.”  He was also a film action choreographer and host of martial art
television series. He was regarded as one of eleven prominent wushu pioneers in the book In the Spirit of the 2008
Olympics: Extraordinary Chinese Martial Artists of the World.

     Li Junfeng’s interest in Qigong and Taiji began when he was a college student and has practiced and taught these
disciplines throughout his life.  Since International Sheng Zhen Society was founded and started introducing Sheng Zhen
Qigong to the world in 1995, as the society's chairman and principal teacher, Li Junfeng has taught Sheng Zhen Qigong in
25 countries in the last 30 years. He moved to the United States in 2002 and has been teaching Qigong at the Academy of
Oriental Medicine at Austin. He is a Counselor to the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong and an Advisor to the
Qigong Science Research Association of China. He has delivered the keynote address at national Qigong and acupuncture
conferences.  His publications include
Sparring with Long Fist & Single Broad Sword/Spear, Learn Wushu Series, Martial
Arts on Ba Gua Zhang, Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong: A Return to Oneness and Awakening the Soul.
Master Li Junfeng
Featured Presenter
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8 - 24, 2015