About Us       

We offer quality TCM China training programs all year around.  
Affiliating with some of the most famous TCM teaching hospitals in
China, we are able to provide customized clinical training
programs from individual learning to group tour, from general
practice to specialty training.  Our goal is making the training
programs effective, efficient and enjoyable.  By learning in the top
teaching hospitals in China, not only our participants can learn the
skills which are only available in China, but also experience
thousands of years of culture and history of China.  They gain
tremendous confidence and consider it a life changing experience.  
Please feel free to contact us when you would like to go to our
China training program.

We provide CEU seminars all over the country.  This year marks
Dr. Huo’s 3
5th year of practice. He has tremendous experience.  In
addition to his hands-on teaching style, he uses a lot of daily life
examples to explain complex concepts.  That makes the participants
easy to understand and easy to apply in their practice.  We also
invite other master TCM practitioners to give seminars from time to
time.  Dr. Xue Min Shi is one of our guest instructors.  As a legend
doctor in the field of TCM in China, Dr. Shi invented the system of
treating Post-Stroke Paralysis that helped millions of stroke patients
get their lives back.  Dr. Yanqun Zhong is another instructor of our
seminars.  As a Liver and infectious specialist in China, she created
Hepatitis Reverse program and effectively treated many Hepatitis B
patients, especially children.

We supply innovative and exclusive quality herbal products and
commonly used patented herbal products in the United States and
other countries.